Who are we?

We are The Roundtable! A group of young, nerdy and damn well passionate content creators who specialize in entertaining the masses - diving into world of animation!


Kevin Williams aka AwestruckVox

Throughout all of his life Kevin has gotten acquainted with change. Shuffling through many schools, programs, activities and taking the jump from the busy streets of Detroit, Michigan to the quiet suburbs nearby, there has always been one consistent thing in Kevin's mind - cartoons. Talking about cartoons, drawing his own cartoons, reciting every theme song on every network verbatim, if it's animation he's all over it.

At the age of 18, out of high school and unsatisfied with his life, from a dwindling retail job to battles with anxiety, Kevin decided to turn it all around. He founded Roundtable Entertainment and a YouTube channel - a place where he and his friends can express the mutual love for animation they've always shared. Quickly, this not only became his job, but his profession, business and child. 

At the age of 19, Kevin, better known by his audience as "Vox," can be found hosting shows such as Crystal Clear, Mewni Monday, Vox Box and so much more on The Roundtable. 

Twitter: @AwestruckVox   


Tom Tobin aka Tom!?

To sum up Tom in 3 words? Opinionated, Prideful and Hairy. Very hairy. Being the most good looking Native American on the team isn't all it's cracked up to be, but Tom's working it the best way he can. And yes, throwing some punctuation at the end of your first name makes for an awesome stage name.

They say knowledge and youth are two very powerful qualities to possess, making Tom quite the catch. Being dual enrolled in college throughout high school, Tom's academic journey came to an end as he graduated at the impressive age of 19. 

Nowadays, you can catch Tomi boy at The Roundtable, hosting his self titled show "Let's Talk with Tom!?" and trying to keep a grip on the insanity that transpires. You can also find his personal channel here.

Twitter: @TomEpQm


Shane Verkest aka RetroNemo

Some people collect rocks, some people collect Pokemon. Shane collects hats, lots and lots of hats. It's a fashion thing. The youngest at The Roundtable, Shane has gotten his portfolio started at age 16. A strong passion for the arts, film and John Mulaney standup, Shane has thrown himself to the wild worlds of theater and production. 

Whether if it's rocking his memorable roles in school plays or signing up for every film course in a 50 mile radius, Shane's always the one who manages to shine the most and become engrained into your memory with this charisma and quick wit. These talents go hand in hand with what we strive for, supervising every shot and always suggesting improvements to our content, Shane ensures what we deliver is perfect and wrapped up in a neat little bow.

When he's not doing that, you can find him hosting RetroNemo's Conspiracy Corner and other shows on our channel!

Subscribe to him on YouTube here.

Twitter: @ItsRetroNemo


Will Hernandez

The living embodiment of having a backbone and standing up for what you believe in, Will's here to kick ass and chew bubblegum. He's also here to run the social media. When he's not crafting his next mind blowing manga one-shot, a majority of the posts that populate our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are overseen by this Metallica loving artist.

Twitter: @washwrites